Product Quality

The quality of a product means how good is it. Product quality is a measure of how well a delivered product meets the customer expectation. This depends upon various factors which are not the same for all products.

Service Quality

The Service quality involves a comparison of expectations with performance. Service quality is a measure of how well a delivered service matches the customer expectations.

Product quality is usually termed for manufacturing organization and service quality is usually termed for service organization. Quality in manufacturing organizations is often different from that of service organizations. Manufacturing organizations produce a tangible product that can be seen, touched, and directly measured. Therefore, quality definitions in manufacturing usually focus on tangible product features. The most common quality definition in manufacturing is conformance, which is the degree to which a product characteristic meets preset standards or specification. Other common definitions of quality in manufacturing include performance.


In contrast to manufacturing, service organizations produce a product that is intangible. Usually, the complete product cannot be seen or touched. Rather, it is experienced. The intangible nature of the product makes defining quality difficult. Also, since a service is experienced, perceptions can be highly subjective. In addition to tangible factors, quality of services is often defined by perceptual factors. Other definitions of quality in services include time, the amount of time a customer has to wait for the service; and consistency, the degree to which the service is the same each time. For these reasons, defining quality in services can be especially challenging.


Whatever is the industry manufacturing or service, product quality and service quality is interlinked, It has seen that companies rated highly by their customers in terms of service can charge higher than rated poorly. People will go out of their way and pay more for good service. Most of the complaints registered are because of the quality service but not of the quality product. Improving quality in service is a key to competitive success in any business. No doubt quality of product has impact on the business but without quality service, product quality has little impact on business now a day.

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