The ability to communicate well has always provided advantages to those who posses it. Communication has a rich history and its traditions can still be seen in modern way communication concepts. The ancient world both the east and the west depended heavily on oral communication. As writing became more important as a permanent record of communication, author and books on written communication principles appeared.

A vital mean of attending the company concerns is through effective internal communication downward, upward and horizontal. It helps increase job satisfaction, safety, productivity and profits and decreases absenteeism, grievances and turnover. When employees receive appropriate downward communication from management, they can be better motivated and more efficient. Likewise upward internal communication has become increasingly more significant. Effective horizontal communication between peers is also essential in organizations in order to solve problems, perform job duties, prepare for meetings and cooperate on important projects.

Effective communication to people outside the organization can help create a good reputation and have a positive impact on its ultimate success. The right letter, proposal, report, telephone call or personal conversation can win back a disgruntled customer, create a desire for a firm’s product or service, and help negotiate a profitable sale, encourage collections, motivate performance and in general create good will.

Effective communication also benefit for individual career. Your job, promotion and professional reputation often depend on doing well in written and oral communication. Also, your ability to communicate effectively is a valuable asset for many activities in your personal life. Communication is some time a primary responsibility in many careers, such as customer relations, labor relations, marketing, personnel, public relations, sales and teaching. Also, technical and scientific fields need editors, producers, researchers and writers.

The prime requisite of promotable executive is ability to communicate. Too often those who cannot communicate effectively in either oral or written communications remained buried in lower, dead end jobs. Member of management spend 60 to 90 percent of their working days communicating, speaking, writing and listening.

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